Drug & Herb Safety

How Dangerous Are Your Prescription Drugs?

Prescription drugs save lives, no doubt about it. But what are your options? If you are taking medication, there are things you should know that your doctor, pharmacist, and certainly the drug companies may not be telling you.

Generally speaking, pharmaceutical drugs are not designed to cure illness; only to mask the symptoms of your illness. This is important. If they cured you, you would eventually be able to go off them. That would be a bad thing—for the drug companies! The drug companies do not want to cure you; they want to make a profit off you. They will keep you sick, dependent on their drugs to make you feel better by masking your symptoms.

In time, people can become increasingly dependent on their prescription drugs. They may need more. As prices increase, what happens when you can no longer afford the drugs you have become dependent on? This is a problem facing many Americans today. It is a primary reason people come see me. They simply cannot afford their medications any longer. They must find a new way to manage their health.

Fortunately, Oriental medicine can offer you a new solution, based on an old medicine—one that has worked for thousands of years before prescription drugs ever existed. Rather than diagnose a disease, Oriental medicine diagnoses the origin of your illness: the unique patterns of imbalances in your body. When the imbalances are corrected, the body heals itself naturally. I have seen many patients restore their health enough that their doctors are able to reduce or eliminate the number of drugs these patients need for diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, pain, depression and anxiety, hormone imbalance, sleep problems, reflux, etc. You could be next!

Should you consider getting healthy so you can eliminate the need to take prescription drugs? Is it worth it to you? Here is an article that might make you want to think twice about being dependent on medications if you could heal your body instead. This article is all about the dangers of prescription drugs.