Kelli, a weekly patient, credits acupuncture and Dr. Marti’s dietary and supplement suggestions as making “a crazy difference” in her pain level.  Kelli remarks “After suffering from extreme reflux pain caused by stress and unhealthy eating habits including diet soda, sweets, and pizza, I could no longer take the weeks of pain.  It was actually too painful to eat anything but bananas, bread, and chicken broth and to drink only water.  I laid down on Dr. Marti’s table on fire and after her magic needles were in for about 20 minutes, I was, to my amazement, pain free.  It was as if the pain were wiped away with an eraser.  I wear B12 patches also, which help with energy.”

Out of the numerous acupuncturists I have seen, Marti Springer is by far the most wholistic, nurturing, and caring. Not only is she continuously expanding upon her already exceptional knowledge of acupuncture and nutrition, she treats the whole person and has a real concern for her patient's emotional state. She is an excellent listener and gives great advice for emotional well-being, while using her intuition and expertise for acupuncture treatments. Marti gets an A+ recommendation in my opinion!

K. Johnson
Tallahassee, Florida

I have been a patient of Marti's now for several years. After having worked with another local acupuncture physician, I can say that Marti's abilities to listen and fully understand what my body needs are amazing. She takes the time to really get to know you and your issues. In the healthcare realm, I wish that there were more physicians who treat you like Marti does. She truly has a natural gift and is one of a kind in Tallahassee. I am so thankful for her guidance and knowledge and being here in Tallahassee. -Teresa Husband

When red, scaly spots on my legs and arms were diagnosed as eczema by dermatologists, cortisone cream was prescribed. Subsequent follow up visits with minimal improvement resulted in a stronger dosage of cortisone cream. I adhered to the regimen for several months, hoping to have clear skin in time for my son's wedding!

Feeling uncomfortable with the use of the cortisone while seeing very little improvement in my splotchy, scaly skin, a friend recommended that I consider acupuncture treatment.

I met with Marti Springer and subsequently began a series of weekly visits along with herbal supplements and natural body products. Within two months there was remarkable improvement in the appearance and condition of my skin!

I was so pleased to have the eczema cleared up for my role as Mother of the Groom for all the wedding festivities!
~ Patsy Schossler, April 2009

In August I started having severe lower back pain. I had moved over the summer and had not been kind to my back. I did not want to go to an orthopedic doctor so decided that I would try acupuncture. I got a referral from a friend of my daughter. She suggested that I call Marti Springer. 

I was still in a very stressful period during the first 3 weeks that I went to Marti; however, she made it possible for me to function even though I was still in a lot of pain. After a two week vacation I returned to Tallahassee and Marti. I was much less stressful and each treatment now has brought big improvements. 

In September I dreaded trying to get out of bed in the mornings because the pain was so sharp that it took my breath away when I would try to stand up by the bed. After 7treatments I have very little pain upon getting from a prone position to a standing position. I still have to be careful to not lift heavy objects but my life in general is so much better after having the acupuncture.

Marti is great! She makes me feel so relaxed and I don’t feel so hurried as I do when going to a regular doctor. I really feel like I can just sit and talk to her about any health problem I am having at the moment. I will continue to go for treatment because Marti treats the whole body, not just the part that is hurting.

I would highly recommend Marti to anyone, especially those who are tired of going to regular doctors who are often just pill pushers.

~Rosemary, November 2009